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Criminal charges can be filed at the state or federal level, and, in most cases, the sentencing will be harsher if an individual has a prior criminal record. Common types of criminal charges may include (but aren’t limited to)

  • drug charges
  • immigration offenses
  • property crimes
  • sex offenses
  • violent crimes
  • white collar crimes

Building Your Criminal Defense Case

Ricardo A. Chavez will work hard to protect your constitutional rights by:

  • Developing a personalized attorney-client relationship with you and your family
  • Working with specialists, such as psychiatrists, forensic scientists or ballistics experts to support your claims when expert testimony is required in official legal proceedings
  • Thoroughly examining all evidence against you (including opposing witness testimonies) to find fallacies or inconsistencies in it (thereby weakening the prosecution and bolstering your defense)
  • Investigating any new evidence (including other witness testimonies) to support your claims
  • Representing you at every stage of the legal process, including bail hearings, trial proceedings and parole hearings

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